Google machine learning platform

A big giant of the technological(IT) field “Google” announced its new concept of machine learning for the developers at one of its Cloud platform user conference in San Francisco. Google Machine learning is a concept of Artificial intelligence in Computer Science. According to the Google machine learning is “what is next.” means machine automatically learns and give the… Read More »


Hi guys today I am writing about a internet group or oraganization that has been posting highly complex puzzles on internet since 2012 and claims that if you solve these puzzles, we will find you. This group calls them as CICADA  3301. You can search them on google and they have written there philosphy on their page which… Read More »

How To Make Windows Pc a WIFI Hotspot

hi Guys today we are going to learn “How To Make Windows Pc a WIFI Hotspot”.You might have seen that in your android phones there is a inbuilt feature to make your device a wifi hotspot that allows you to share your internet with other devices. what we are doing here is making your Pc also a wifi… Read More »

Excellent short key method for Excel

Hi Guys, I thought to share my personal work experience to make your work smart, sharp and excellent by keeping this excellent short key method for excel. There is no need to learn MS-Excel short keys, just keep your eyes by pressing ALT button. Once you will press ALT, you will get alphabets above the excel sheet like… Read More »


hi guys, today we are going to talk about how you can setup parental control on your windows pc or laptop. You have a kid and he has access to your pc its always good to setup parental control to know what you child is accessing on pc and moreover you can control what can be accessed. If… Read More »


Hi guys, I hope that the earlier posts might have helped you in basic pc troubleshooting. Today we are going to talk about to reset android browser and mobile devices . I would like to tell you that on your android phones the default browser is google chrome. If you get some unwanted popup’s, threats through your browser, you need… Read More »